Silver spider choker necklace with whitby jet


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Here’s a sterling silver spider choker necklace for those of you who love creepy crawlies. The spider is suspended on a single string of a silver chain, as if it were hanging from a thread of spider silk, and holding an upside down crescent moon it caught. There are scroll motifs engraved into the spider’s body, and there’s a jet stone set among them. The stone – whitby jet – is actually a polished piece of a fossilized wood from the early Jurassic era. You might have heard of it if you were ever interested in Victorian mourning jewellery.

The chain on which the spider is suspended goes through a silver ring. The weight of the pendant causes the chain to fit snugly, and comfortably, around your neck. How low the spider itself will sit is going to be determined by the circumference of your neck. But to get an idea of how it’ll look on, see the 5th picture.

The spider is 2cm (0.8in) wide, and 3cm (1.1in) long, and the chain is 41cm (16in) in total length. The whole necklace weights 3.1g.

It’ll be carefully packed and sent in a gift box like the one in the last picture.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Sterling silver, whitby jet

Chain length

41cm (16in)


2cm (0.8in)wide, 3cm (1.1in)long

Stone dimensions

0.6cm (0.2in)wide, 1.1cm (0.4in)long

Necklace weight