Silver bat earrings with an ear cuff


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Here’s a little something for bat lovers! These silver bat earrings feature sleeping bats and crescent moons, and come combined with an ear cuff. There’s a tiny, 0.6cm (~0.2in) crescent moon charm attached to the cuff. These are made entirely out of sterling silver, from the tips of the bats’ ears, to the very ends of the ear wires.

The bats hang peacefully beneath crescent moons, attached by (~0.9in) long chains. The moons are 1cm (~0.4in) in diameter, and the bats are 2cm (~0.8in) long and also 1cm wide. The earrings are 2.7cm (~1.6in) long in total. The ear cuff is 0.6cm (~0.2in) wide, and the chain linking it with one of the earrings is 7.7cm (~0.3in) long. If you’d like to see how the ear cuff combination looks like on the ear, check out the second to last photo. Please keep in mind though, that the display bust is not life-sized. It’s a little bit smaller, so to get the best idea on how these will look on you, please use the measurements provided above, or take a look at the “At a glance” tab.

These earrings are incredibly lightweight, and won’t tug on your ears. They’ll be carefully packed and sent in a box like the one in the last picture.


sterling silver


Total earring length: 2.7cm (~1.6in),
Bat length: 2cm (~0.8in)


1cm (~0.4in),
Ear cuff width: 0.6cm (~0.2in)

Chain length

Chain linking one of the earrings with the ear cuff: 7.7cm (~3in),
Chains linking the bats with the moons: 2.2cm (~0.9in)

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