Silver angry cat necklace with titanium coated quartz crystal


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Everyone sometimes feels a bit grumpy, even if you happen to be a cat on the moon. This sterling silver angry cat necklace features a face of a hissing cat placed on the background of an upside down crescent moon. A subtly iridescent, titanium coated natural quartz crystal hangs beneath the cat and the moon.

The crystal is very pale aquamarine in colour, with flashes of darker blue, purple, and gold. The cat and the moon swing on a 46cm (18in) darkened silver chain, cut in half. The moon is 1.5cm (~0.6in) in diameter, and the stone is 2cm (~0.8in) long, and between 0.5 and 0.6cm wide (about 0.2in). The total length of the pendant is 4cm (~1.6in).

This little beasty, ready to hiss at anyone who’d give you trouble, will come to you in a gift box like the one in the last picture.


Sterling silver, quartz crystal, sterling silver chain

Chain length

46cm (18in)


1.5 cm (0.6in)


4 cm (1.6in)

Stone size

0.5/0.6cm (0.2in) x 2cm (0.8in)