Etched copper flying bat bracelet. Etched bat cuff


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Ah, bats. So wonderful, and so misunderstood. If you love them , you can show it with this flying bat bracelet.

At its centre, it features a bat flying straight towards the viewer, wings outstretched. The bat is surrounded with scroll motifs, and accompanied by two crescent moons, one on each end of the cuff.

The bat, scrolls, and the moons were hand-painted by me, and then etched. The finished cuff was oxidised and polished to create a contrasting image. It’s truly one of a kind, as I don’t repeat my designs, to give you something as unique as you are.

The bracelet is 15cm (5.9in) long, and 2.5 (1in) wide. It’s made from 0.9cm (0.35in) thick copper sheet, and can be opened and closed as needed.

To keep the bat bracelet from tarnishing and from turning the wearer’s skin green, I covered it in several layers of *protective coating.

It’ll be carefully packed and sent in a box like the one in the last picture.

*Please note that as you wear it, the sealant may rub off on the inside, due to friction between your wrist and the cuff. If this happens and you notice a green staining on your skin, don’t worry. It’s easy to wash off, and isn’t harmful. Copper reacts with the skin of some people that way. Others never experience any staining. It all depends on your personal body chemistry.



copper, protective coating


15cm (5.9in)


2.5cm (1in)

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