Etched copper flying bat bracelet


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If you like bats, then this bracelet will be perfect for you. It displays bat flight sequence, scroll motifs and crescent moons, enclosed in a hammered boarder.

This bracelet is entirely handmade and one of a kind – I don’t repeat my designs, so you know you won’t run into someone wearing an identical piece.

The design was hand-painted by me, and then etched using salt water etching technique, which replaces traditional acids with saline solution and weak electric current. The whole piece was then oxidised and polished to create contrasting image.

It’s 15cm (5.9in) long, and 2.4cm (tiny bit under 1in) wide, and made from 0.9mm (0.035in) thick copper sheet. It should fit most average wrists, and can also be opened and closed as needed. *Protective finish applied on top stops exposed copper from darkening, and prevents it from staining the wearer’s skin green.

It’ll be carefully packed and sent in a box like the one in the last picture.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.
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*Please, note that no sealant lasts forever, and the coating will probably rub off eventually, especially on the inside. If, after some time of wearing this cuff, you notice greenish staining on your skin, don’t worry. Copper reacts with skin of some people in this way. It’s not harmful, and can be washed off. Some people never experience any staining. It all depends on your personal body chemistry.

I applied three layers of sealant to this cuff, to make sure the coating lasts as long as possible.

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copper sheet, protective coating


15cm (5.9in)


2.4cm (0.9in)

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