Etched copper crow earrings with black star diopside.


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These copper earrings feature an etched image of a raven’s head, scroll motifs and little crescent moons. The upper parts consist of sterling silver ear wires, and black star diopside cabochons set in fine silver bezel. There are tiny cut outs, in the shape of crescent moons, behind the stones and you can see them on the back of the earrings.

Black star diopside is a natural gemstone, usually black or blackish-green, that exhibits a four-pointed star when the light hits it at the right angle. The stones I used for those earrings are black, and you can see the star effect  in pictures from the second to the fourth one. As these are natural stones, there are differences between them: one produces brilliant white, well defined star, and on the other one the star isn’t as clear, and more of a golden hue.

The earrings were cut, hand-painted, and etched using salt water etching technique, in which acid is replaced by saline solution and weak electric current. I then oxidised and polished them to create contrasting design. They are polished to a high shine, and therefore tricky to photograph correctly. The fifth picture shows the shine the best.

These are 4.5cm (~1.8in) long, and 1.1cm (0.4in) wide. They’re really lightweight, and won’t tug on your ears.
They are coated with a protective finish to stop the exposed copper from darkening. The backs of the earrings are also coated, to prevent copper from turning the wearer’s skin green.

They’ll be carefully packed, and sent in a box like the one in the last picture.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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copper, fine silver bezel, sterling silver ear wires, black star diopside stones


4.5cm (~1.8in)


1.1cm (0.4in)

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