Silver death head moth earrings


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These sterling silver death head moth earrings feature the moths flying under upside-down crescent moons. The bigger pair of the moths’ wings are engraved with scroll motifs, and sterling silver chains connect the insects to the moons. The ear wires are also made form sterling silver.

The moons are 1.2cm (~0.5in) in diameter, and the moths are (0.8in) wide, and 0.9cm (~0.4in)long. The earrings are 3.5cm (~1.4in) long in total. These are very lightweight, with a single earring weighting only 1g, which makes them incredibly comfortable to wear.

They’ll be carefully packed, and sent in a gift box.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


sterling silver


The moons: 1.2cm (~0.5in) in diameter;
The moths: (0.8in) wide, 0.9cm (~0.4in)long;
Total length on an earring: 3.5cm (~1.4in)

Weight of a single earring