Asymmetric crescent moon earrings with Whitby jet


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Sterling silver asymmetric crescent moon earrings with Whitby jet. Sterling silver moons accompany jet-black stones encased in darkened silver – the stones and the moons contrast each other beautifully. The stones – pieces of Whitby jet – are actually fragments of fossilized wood from the Jurassic era, and therefore incredibly lightweight. Whitby jet was widely used in the Victorian times for making mourning jewellery.

These earrings are vertical reflection of one another. One has the ear post attached to the moon, and the other to the stone. The moons are 1cm (0.4in) in diameter, and the stones are about 0.85cm (0.3in) wide, and 2cm (0.8in) long. There’s slight variation between them, as I did shape and polish them by hand. The total length of one earring is 3.4cm (1.3in).

Please note that these come with sterling silver earring backs. The plastic ones visible in the 1st picture were there only as temporary placeholders.

These are very lightweight, with single earring weighting about 1.55g, and won’t tug on your ears.

They’ll be carefully packed and sent in a gift box like the one in the last picture.


sterling silver, fine silver, Whitby jet, sterling silver earring backs – the plastic ones visible in the 1st picture were temporary placeholders


Moons: 1cm (~0.4in) in diameter;
Stones: 0.85cm (0.3in) x 2cm (~0.8in);
Total length: 3.4cm (1.3in)

Weight of a single earring


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