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Lunaria Jewellery - your stop for one of a kind, handmade, artisan jewellery that celebrates the beauty and diversity of all the living things that inhabit our planet. If you'd love to have a jewellery piece dedicated to your favourite creature, showing it in a naturalistic way - you're in the right place. And if you'd like something unique no one else has, something not mass-produced: you're in luck too. All my pieces are handmade, and never repeated. Love wolves, but can't find anything that doesn't portray them as fairy tale villains? You'll be happy to know you won't find any cliche, Big Bad Wolf-type pieces here. Would you like to own a bat-themed piece of jewellery that doesn't make them look creepy? You'll find that here as well. But maybe you're more interested in something with extinct creatures? Don't worry - my Echoes of The Past collection has got you covered. I believe that symbols are important, and that's what jewellery is, after all. This is why, here at Lunaria Jewellery, you'll find beautiful pieces celebrating animals as they really are - and not as human myths make them to be. There are many ways to start conversation about what you're passionate about, and wearing a unique piece of jewellery dedicated to the subject is one of them. So let's start a conservation, or just find something you love - I'll be more than happy to help you with either one!

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